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Sample making


The quality of sample collections is directly associated with the image of the company. The impact sample collections can have on sales is tremendous. Therefore it is of great importance that from the functional as well as the decorative point of view the sample collections are technically of the highest standard. No compromise on quality is accepted!


multiSTiQ lives the philosophy of value for money with every product they develop. We guarantee product performance and efficient processing against realistic pricing.

Waterfall collections

For the production of waterfall collections multiSTiQ offers an excellent range of materials. Woven and non-woven materials with either a heat seal or self-adhesive coating for all your different requirements. Back to top of the page

Shade card mounting

multiSTiQ offers products for the mounting of your sample material into shade cards. In our range you can find double sided self-adhesive but also combinations of heat seal and self-adhesive materials. Back to top of the page

Edge fixings

To prevent materials from fraying, multiSTiQ offers a variety of materials for edge fixing. In our range we offer paper, PP films, nonwoven and textile materials both with a self-adhesive or heat seal coating. Back to top of the page



multiSTiQ can supply blank labels, both on rolls and in sheets. Please inform on available die cut tools and sizes. Back to top of the page



For the production of headers but also for the cover of pattern books we offer a range of cover materials. Colourfast, constant quality, flatness, glue ability of our cloth do meet the highest requirements. The same applies for the print, stamping and cutting features. Back to top of the page